ManagedXLL for Microsoft Excel and the .NET Framework

ManagedXLL is a rapid application development kit for creating high performance Excel add-ins. It is used by trading floor developers, and financial engineers, in hedge funds, and banks all over the world.


This presentation focuses on strategic and business benefits. For technical details follow the links or contact us for a fully-supported 28 days evaluation copy.

„Severn River has an extensive set of in house trading applications we've built in Microsoft Excel.  ManagedXLL has allowed us to eliminate all VBA code and write code that is part of the core Severn River C# codebase. This is a big win as it allows us to maintain a single codebase for database access, messaging, and financial analytics. 

Brien Oberstein, Senior Software Developer, Severn River Capital Management, LLC
ManagedXLL users since July 2004
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